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For flexible and diverse burial and cremation options, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.


Martin Tynan Funerals

With over 35 years of business experience in Dublin, the staff at Martin Tynan Funerals know the county and its parishes extremely well. In recent years, we’ve noticed cremations becoming just as popular as traditional burials, and as such our services have grown to include high-quality cremation organisation.


Regardless of which option you chose, you can expect a dignified and respectable send-off for your loved one that will honour their memory appropriately and with compassion.


To learn more about our burial and cremation options, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Burial In a Dublin Cemetery

Martin Tynan Funerals

Burial in Dublin cemeteries can be tricky, due to the costs of burial as well as plot availability. At Martin Tynan Funerals we want to help you find the best possible option for your departed relative that is closeby and is under the protection of high-quality cemetery services.


Burial can be organised for different funerals, such as Catholic Funerals and Jewish Funerals. We ensure swift and professional of the remains from mortuaries or places of worship to burial sites. Depending on your faith, we can selectively avoid certain processes, such as embalming in the case of Jewish funerals.


To learn more about our burial services in Dublin cemeteries, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Headstones in Dublin

Martin Tynan Funerals

Our Dublin headstones are provided by close business partners in the Dublin area, experts at maintaining and constructing headstones.. At Martin Tynan Funerals we want to make sure the headstone you choose is appropriate for your loved one, and in the case of an existing grave plot being used for burial, append their details.


The headstones come in a wide range of materials and styles, such as lawn graves, cremated remains graves and garden spaces. In advance of your funeral, we can also discuss with your cemetery of choice about pre-selecting your grave plot, ensuring you get the location you desire.


To learn more about constructing, maintaining or updating a headstone in Dublin, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Cremation in Dublin

Martin Tynan Funerals

Cremation in Dublin is quickly becoming a sought-after option for funeral services. This is due to a number of factors.


One factor is cost, considering that the cost of cremation is significantly cheaper than traditional burial services, as well as the accompanying urns. For burial site purposes, urns can be placed in containers or in graves.


Thanks to our partnership with Shepherd’s, we work with them to offer a unique and meaningful option of cremation containers: hand-made lockets. These accessories can be worn in memory of the deceased, and can contain a selection of the ashes.

Burial and Cremation FAQ

How do I find a cemetery near me?

By consulting one of our staff members over the phone or email, we can discuss your current location as well as your funeral service venue in order to find the most apt cemetery location for you.

What happens if a grave plot I wanted is taken?

In order to make sure you get the grave plot most suitable for the burial service, we can communicate with cemeteries and church services in Dublin to pre-emptively book it for you.

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