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For simple and comprehensive funeral preplanning, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.


Martin Tynan Funerals

We want to help minimise the stress, anxiety and worry that can come with planning a funeral as much as possible. One way to minimise this is through funeral pre-planning. By booking an appointment with one of our funeral directors, we will help you go through potential plans for future funerals, allowing ample time for you and your loved ones to prepare.


At Martin Tynan Funerals, we do not offer pre-paid options for planning your funeral in advance. However, we will put together a plan and take down all necessary details in advance of the funeral, allowing your family to focus more on other aspects of the grieving process. The helpful and understanding staff will also discuss external payment options, such as a savings or Credit Union accounts to help pay for the eventual funeral service.


To learn more about the services we provide, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Funeral Costs

Martin Tynan Funerals

A huge source of stress for funeral planning can be costs. Whether this relates to the funeral service, coffin or cremation fees, headstones or any other expenses, we realise that it cannot be ignored when planning a burial or cremation.


Our staff wants to help you give a service that is worry-free and gives your loved one the send-off they deserve. We will discuss several strategies, such as reduced fees for post-funeral receptions and funeral bank accounts at local banking institutions.


To learn more about our cost effective funeral planning, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Funeral Insurance

Martin Tynan Funerals

One solution for reducing funeral worries in the future would be a comprehensive funeral insurance plan. At Martin Tynan Funerals, we work with different financial institutions regularly that are experienced with funeral pre-planning solutions. A funeral insurance plan guarantees a safety net in the event of a sudden departure, and our knowledgeable staff will assist you with finding cost-effective plans.


To learn more about finding a suitable funeral insurance plan, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Advanced Funeral Planning FAQ

Do I have to pay for my funeral in advance?

No, you can choose to have your funds stored in a funeral bank account with a local institution as well as discussing potential funeral insurance plans.

Do you plan non-religious funerals in advance?

We help pre-plan funerals regardless of belief. We will contact the appropriate celebrant and help you find the venue most suitable for your ceremony.

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