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For sleek and dignified coffins, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.


Martin Tynan Funerals

At Martin Tynan Funerals, we pride ourselves on our high-quality coffins, custom-made by our business partners at Shepherd’s Funeral Supplies. Not only are they available in a variety of styles and colours, we also offer alternative eco-friendly variants and some of the best prices for coffins in Dublin.


To inquire more about our selection of coffins, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Coffin Types

Martin Tynan Funerals

We work extensively with our coffin providers in order to present as many coffin options as possible to our customers.


Some popular styles include oak, mahogany, as well as elm. If requested, customers can adjust coffin styles to their own tastes and make minor alterations to the final design.


We offer veneered coffin variants for each style, such as an oak coffin consisting of several wood panels with a flat layer of wood on top of it.


To see our catalog of coffins, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Eco Coffins

Martin Tynan Funerals

A popular option for coffins in recent times are eco-coffins. These coffins are not made from trees, but rather from locally sourced sustainable materials. At Martin Tynan Funerals, we suggest these products not only to customers who want to have an environmentally friendly burial but also to those who could avail of these coffins as a potential money-saving solution.


To learn more about our environmentally friendly coffins, contact Martin Tynan Funerals today.

Coffins FAQ

What is a veneered coffin?

A veneered coffin is one made of several panels of wood along the bottom and the sides but topped with a thin flat panel of wood.

Are there any options for cheap coffins?

Yes, our range of eco coffins is considerably cheaper than typical coffin materials while also being more environmentally friendly options.

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